Ouvert your day with something new and refreshing. Success is a boldness to seize oppurtunity, to put the mind at pace and the heart at pace, and the muscle astute and ready. The night returns tired, and early to rise again tomorrow. Never ache at an early thought. It is well to swallow the day at its ripe early dawn. The red glow of its head that arrives, at first a yawn, then with boldness and intrigue. The smile, the good lift of the day, a reward to the day to the heat and colour. Do not ask for more than the day, do not shun the season for preference of another, do not ignore the field for want of the grass a mile away. Spend gladness with company, money is but petals to be thrown after genius. Fortuna befriends those who seize the oppurtunity and do not shun her tide. Do not stay indoors when the day is to be reaped, though one does more for oneself at home than in travel; expand your territory and make elsewhere your own.




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