Sing, Europa, of the history of your greatness. What achievements we owe to you, and their design. How you preserved your greatness many times from falling victim to vulgar tribe. The names, relate, of great men who belong to you, born of soil, between mounds of your lands. What of their greatness and whence they came? Sing to me, in pride, sweet praises of yourself. Beginning with the birth of your mother, and unfold and guide us, your hearers, of the entwined tales of the greatness of your name. Teach to me, Europa, what makes greatness, that virtue which is the true history of your name. Many times has the effect of your lesson brought marvels to your lands, disruption overcome and vulgarity thwarted by nobler aims. Teach us the limitless of your character, from what abysses and heights you have soared, what formations of your shape you took to become, and may you lead the new generations of that mother to live with the brightness which you have shone.


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