As You Will

There are many alternatives that exist in the world, but the strongest and most direct path is to ride your own thought and will. What governs you shall lead you. To give ear to an alternative proposal from another’s view is to halve yourself once, – just think how often we receive news of others and other people’s ideas. Stick to your own will, and don’t allow distraction to halve your intention even once. If you would fail, a strong will never gives up, but a weak will circles as though through a hall of mirrors, never finding its way through or settling on any direction. It’s unwise to be envious of those who set themselves up as a spectacle, listen and admire only your own governance and find of yourself what you desire to be most desirous, seeking no confirmation from the spectacle of others. There is nothing so gratifying as the success of your own actions. They belong to you and trust them most of all.


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