“What say you, James” William Shakespeare

Let them know this,
That I loved to listen to the music of the troubadours, and in particular Adam de la Halle. That I loved most of all Francesco Landini’s bellatas. His Amor Mi Fa Cantar.. That I wrote great works of English literature. That I was greatly handsome, and sportingly built, and stronger than my build appeared. I had quick reflexes and was a sharp sprinter. That I loved the countryside, and often loathed the city. That I never once fell in love. I lived after myself alone. That I had no happier days than in the country, laughing with friends or the girl I adored at that time. I drank wine sparingly, and preferred merry white to solemn red. I didn’t enjoy beer except for the famous Irish stout. I ate a diet of fish, and basic foods, preferring the Italian cuisine most of all.


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