There are motions and patterns to life that only leave us in discord to ignore. There are motions and patterns to life which are more fundamental to the good life than the understanding of our laws and economic systems. To live by these laws as your first instinct is to live by your potential.
But look here, in the town are two men who know such things, and what they know is rarely spoken of.
First Gentleman: You have been quite low in recent days. Is there something that concerns you?
Second Gentleman: I dread that my days are late coming, and my successes farther than my reach.
First Gentleman: Fear nothing. I will give you one advice. Conquer today, and tomorrow wake and conquer again.
Second Gentleman: It is far easier to give advice to others, without the responsibility to undertake the actions yourself or bare their consequences, and not estimating the energy necessary to undertake the action.
First Gentleman: That may be so. But all you need to do is to think of it. Waiter, another glass for the man!
Second Gentleman: My friend, I have been thinking much lately, these quiet places often help the thoughts to settle down and come more naturally. I think things are well, despite I feel them bad, that I am infact grateful – thank you, waiter – for everything that has occurred since my youngest days and I consider myself happy.
First Gentleman: Marvellous, mon ami. I might add some thoughts of mine to yours, if you have the patience to listen?
Second Gentleman: My patience is yours.
First Gentleman: Thank you. I think there is such harmony in the way that things are. Nothing would be accomplished quite right if the route did not happen in the exact. I often find there is no delay, and that I would not have had reason for an occurrence in my life had it not all been the way it was in the exact. Today’s surprise achievement could not have happened ten years earlier, and if it had, then the achievement today would not have been so profound, without the ten years it took to develop. Moliere wrote “the tree that takes longest to grow bears the best fruit.”
Second Gentleman: This is all true, monsieur, I have often speculated at the courses for our good days and bad. Why we think them such, when we ourselves and the objects and events in life can yet remain much the same. As though to ask what makes this red more displeasing than the same red viewed again.
First Gentleman: And what are your thoughts?
Second Gentleman: That so long as life seems in harmony the day is good and well, and when it seems in discord it feels to be bad.
First Gentleman: There may be truth in that. And Shakespeare said “nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.”
Second Gentleman: Ay, from Hamlet I believe.
First Gentleman: From some or some other borrowed tale, yes, I believe.
Second Gentleman: There seems nothing in this day or that which makes the day well, often it merely fits togetgher well and pleases me for my life feels to be in balance, and I am weighted in the past about equal to my prospect of my future.
First Gentleman: We do aim to proceed to the balanced life.
Second Gentleman: Let’s not make these discourses too Platonic. I’d prefer to speak at great length.
First Gentleman: Ha, than do. And I will not interrupt.
Second Gentleman: That life very much consists of accidents, not all can be forced. A man must accept that so much of life depends on accidents, and to be satisfied with the event in itself whether it come delayed or the event came too soon. We still must listen for the patterns of life, no matter if we invent this object or that, or send to the news this theory or that or desire this way of life or that. We are born in to an existing pattern and motion of things which we cannot change, and affects the creature whether it be man, ape, ant, or bird. And this is often my first thought. For an event to come earlier, it might have been better for my economy, but not for my living. And it seems that to accept these patterns and motions and be glad of the events that occured, as they are, and in their order, makes the day well. And yet to find discord in the order and pattern of things, finding something in the works that out weighs the other or that one or another is too late or should not have happened only makes the day worse.
First Gentleman: True. Be glad then when the event occurs, remembering the larger scope that required it to form, and that what is about to happen will come at a good time too.
Second Gentleman: There is more I’d wish to say, but the night’s fallen and the hour is late.
First Gentleman: I must retire too, or heavy thoughts will make for hard pillows.
The men rose from their seats, paid and thanked for their glasses, and left the terrace.
The moon was full and cast a flood of light over the ground that made the night as splendid as the day. Every object could be seen clearly and all cast in a chalk white of the moonlight. Few clouds had remained awake to view it and the sky was clear enough to view the constellations of the season.


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