Nature’s Heart

A higher freedom than I hoped to gain
That I can be myself without disdain
And if loving you is lover’s art
Take this my body and whole heart

In this way we lay together, I and my fair skinned Eurydice, and spoke to me in open words that let her innermost out “All I desire is to have my lips upon your skin, not making nature’s original art in vain. What nature’s art did not fail our world. There are fewer men today who know this art of love, who make such art their loving skill. But you, my sweet and honey hearted boy, you open up the possibility of my beauty and sensuality, and you make this your art and enterprise. This I gratefully accept. That to be unclothed is not so cold a thing, but with you an extra warmth which clothes do not supply, that I should think you were brought here made to love and that it is your truer destiny and art.” With that my Eurydice lays kisses where she loves to kiss, and there is a smile that does not leave her cheeks to rest. And I reply that “My happiness is your happiness in this. Leave clothes aside and send them off with civic cares, now what is wholly yours come lie with what is wholly mine and allow us this comfort that nature, what had once wished for us, tonight may have no need to wish.”

For such is nature’s truer art
To love by the flesh as if by the heart



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