New Spirit

New spirit conjured, new idea conquered

Which not the individual but the life itself

What power there is in this self-taught marvel

That he aspires the life itself after his design

To shape the very actions of his life’s plain

Not by chance will it be, not by accident

But by his own event

This I would have it, this I would rather see

This I would live it, now and for eternity

A life fit for the soul’s discussion

Which in its very climate requires its tuition to it thus

Saw it in his minde once first, and took it to himself the second

Eache day he lived as such, ‘til he appeased the soul

Through Alicia the fair he saw this merry life and game

Through an older friend now friend again he saw the very same

I submit not to life but life submit to thee

When I have conquered all my goals I’ll rest at least happy 



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