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Writer and Producer | Creator of beautifully designed handcrafted artists’ books of high quality literature. And a collaborator with contemporary artists for innovative high-end projects to explore perspectives in literature.


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James designs, produces and publishes his own unique and beautifully written literature under JRBA Publishing. Every work is carefully considered for design, typography, page layout, materials, which will suit the content of the book. Inspired by artists’ books, high-end independant magazines, and classic literary books, James creates a unique position in the production and publication of literary text.

The concept of JRBA was to create affordable, well produced, limited edition high quality literature, inspired by the initial aspirations of the Penguin paperback in the 1930s to create classic literature that was affordable and accessible to everyone. JRBA Publishing began in the summer of 2013 and since its founding James has released two books under the imprint to the notable mention of arts culture press It’s Nice That and Dazed&Confused.

In addition to the writing and production of books, James utilises his abilities and understanding of arts to extend the understanding and experience of his work and its relationship with the wider culture and arts. James is a frequent collaborator and works with specifically selected artists in a variety of diverse fields to create work for and in response to the books, a passage of work, a poem, or an overall theme.

James is passionate and keen to collaborate with other artists, believing there are many variety of ways to experience what we find and search for in literature. Aspiring to continue to write high quality literature, meet and collaborate with inspiring and exciting artists, growing and developing the impact and way we perceive literature within our wider culture, and revealing the many exciting sides of literature, and the variety of its forms. Collaboration is also a way of re-manifesting the arts that have informed the work and the arts that it, in return, communicates with. JRBA aspires to represent the work produced, not as a general author, but as the author of the actual work, and the work in collaborations are representative of and true to its author, and inform the reader how to perceive the broader impression of the work to be understood. Collaborative projects to date include; English National Ballet, chamber composer Ed Bettella, illustrator and print-maker Alice Russell, with and diverse art collaborations in production currently.

Books published under JRBA Publishing

Zebra Skin (2013)
Dreamers (2013)

James is currently working on projects for 2014 involving a new anticipated book release and exciting collaborations.

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*All photographs not of my property on this website will be referenced to their source.

James Anderson
photo by http://www.ferlapaolo.com/

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One thought on “About JRBA

  1. this blog is an inspired, tender exploration of self and life and love and things. it begets a feeling of confidence, of beauty and connectivity. me, I feel, refreshingly, the joy in yourself and your capacity to get down how you feel. how lovely.

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